PEI's Sean Fitzpatrick collaborates with East Coast Lifestyle on new watch

It’s a case of being in the right place at the right time for Sean Fitzpatrick.

Fitzpatrick, originally from Souris, is the owner of 6 Zero, a Halifax-based clothing, watch and accessories business.

As fate would have it, Fitzpatrick was at a venue the same time as East Coast Lifestyle was holding an event and struck up a conversation with the business’s CEO and founder, Alex MacLean. The conversation shifted to how East Coast Lifestyle was interested in launching more accessories, including watches.

That conversation led to a collaboration, and on Monday, they launched a new, limited-edition East Coast Model watch.

“I thought he was a very level-headed entrepreneur that I thought would be a great collaboration,” said MacLean, who was in Hawaii this week.

The watch face has the 6 Zero logo on the upper half and the East Coast Lifestyle logo on the lower half. The word East is engraved on the back. The watch is also waterproof with a leather strap.

“So, it’s simple, but it looks super clean and super nice,” said Fitzpatrick.

MacLean said that 100 watches are available exclusively online for $85 on East Coast Lifestyle’s website (listed under new arrivals).

Besides the 100 watches, MacLean has 20 set aside as gifts for celebrities and athletes, such as musician Ed Sheeran and NHL (and Nova Scotian) hockey players Sidney Crosby and Nathan MacKinnon, who have also embraced MacLean’s East Coast Lifestyle brand.

“One of our goals is to try to get different celebrities that have worn the clothing before to get the watch.”

– Alex MacLean

“One of our goals is to try to get different celebrities that have worn the clothing before to get the watch,” he said.

Fitzpatrick is also selling 50 of the watches on 6 Zero’s website.

Fitzpatrick and MacLean said they believe the watches will be sold out before Friday.

Fitzpatrick, 22, is finishing up a business degree at Saint Mary’s University. As a relatively new entrepreneur, he said he’s grateful for the opportunity to work with MacLean.

“He’s been a young guy going through this – launching a business. He knows the struggle of doing so,” said Fitzpatrick.

“Even if I don’t profit that much off this order, I’m going to be paid back tenfold with the exposure I’m going to get.”

MacLean, who recently turned 27, started the business when he was 21. MacLean was also a business student (at Acadia University) when he first produced and sold East Coast Lifestyle hoodies.

“I remember how hard it was in the first year to get a brand out there, so I really try to work with as many young entrepreneurs as I can,” he said.

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