Coachella 2019: No janties, but mesh, all-black and basketball jerseys ruled festival fashion – Press-Enterprise

Where oh where can the janties be?

That’s the question that’s been on our minds as we covered the music, food, art, tech and people of the Coachella Valley Music and Art Festival’s first weekend. With nine sets of eyes on the ground, only one of us spotted someone wearing a janty — a garment from Y/Project’s spring 2019 collection that’s best described as denim panties.

Though it appears the trend forecasters’ expectations for the janty fell flat — the $315 price-point might have something to do with it — we noticed plenty of other trends around the Empire Polo Club.

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Shirtless, but make it fashion

Whether a sheer skirt, mesh shirt or see-through trousers, barely-there fashion was one of the hottest looks at Coachella for another year. While many opt to go shirtless or don minimalist tops to help beat the desert heat (or just use it as an excuse to show off that festival bod) a mesh top accomplishes the same thing while also making a bold statement.


Whether knight-like chain mail (think Brienne of Tarth), a cross-body chain (think Hot Topic chain wallet) or even just a belt, anything metal is an easy way to add edginess to your look. We saw this paired often with a sheer element.

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Locker room looks

Bro-fashion at Coachella is no longer limited to a short sleeve button-up or no shirt at all. Enter the basketball jersey — whether college or NBA, straight guys across the festival grounds were repping their teams while keeping cool with no sleeves.

All black

You just can’t go wrong with an all-black outfit and that holds true at Coachella, even though it’s the desert and the sun blazes overhead.

Pool party chic

You also can’t go wrong with bright colors, florals and fun prints — pro tip: if you’re dressed like you’re going to a Palm Springs pool party, you’re doing it right. Just leave the inflatable pink toucan back at the condo.

Bedazzle it

Consider it an evolution of the glitter everywhere trend of years past. This year, it’s all about sticking shiny plastic jewels to your face. Make sure you put on sunscreen first!

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