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A net worth of a billion dollars or more brings with it advantages that go well beyond yachts and private jets.

For example, you can make just about anything that’s bothering you disappear — including an enemy or two if you’re smart about it!

But as New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft is currently learning the hard way, nothing hangs around quite like bad press.

Even a 10-figure bank account can’t make a juicy scandal go away, particularly when it involves the head of a widely-despised sports franchise and a Florida massage parlor.

As you’ve probably heard by now, Kraft was arrested back in February for his connection to a Jupiter, FL prostitution ring.

Robert Kraft

In the months since, Kraft has received some occasional good news.

(He won’t be charged with human trafficking, for example.)

But he’s received a whole lot more bad news.

(Ever wanted to see video of Robert Kraft getting a hand job? Because it looks like one is headed your way!)

Robert Kraft Pic

And this week is a particularly rough one for Kraft, as his “happy ending” kerfuffle is back in the headlines for two different reasons.

For starters, the 77-year-old will be back in court on Friday, but this time, he’s the one who requested a hearing.

Not surprisingly, Kraft wants to block the release of his handy home-movie.

Bob Kraft 2

His lawyers argue that the footage would make it more difficult for Kraft to receive a fair trial — and honestly, they probably have a point.

Plus, a 77-year-old getting cranked off while lying on a crusty massage table in South Florida?

To quote the great philosopher Sweet Brown, ain’t nobody got time for that!

And today, Kraft is back in the headlines unexpectedly, due to the arrest of Shen Mingbi one of his two, um … co-stars in the tape.

Bob Kraft 1

According to TMZ, the video shows both Mingbi and a woman named Lei Wang and both are seen “using their hands on Kraft’s penis.”

We’re a little disappointed TMZ passed up the opportunity for a solid Wang pun there, but maybe they figured the straight facts in this case are wild enough.

Wang was arrested back in February but Mingbi was just taken into custody this week.

She’s facing one count of deriving support from prostitution and eight counts of offer to commit prostitution.

The phrase “deriving support” really reminds you that Wang and Mingbi probably had little choice in all this, and yet Kraft will certainly get a lighter sentence. What a country! What a Patriot!

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