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Aalborg, Denmark, May 22, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — beauty provides affordable fashion solutions and offers affordable and budget-friendly fashion solutions to people who look for versatile fashion choices and styles. discount code and monthly subscription box offer easy membership plans and have a personalized plan to cater to individual needs. Unlike other fashion avenues, Falinas want their subscribers the option to select the clothing and fashion prospects based on their selection and preferences.

The Services

The service starts by asking the members to fill a sign-up form. During this process, the member gets access to the Style Profile option for their account. The Style Profile is the space where the members will list down their personal choices. The site stores the information and uses it to deliver a custom collection of fashion cuts every month. The delivery includes up to 10 clothing and shoe fashions. The members get an exclusive discount of up to 50% on the purchase price, and the subscriber can select the fashion they want and utilize their monthly credit to buy the items.
After finalizing and confirming the selection the company ships the item, and the members will get their hands on exclusively customized fashion boxes made to their specifications. If there are any questions regarding the shipment or any other details the customer services at mail is available at all times to attend to the queries.

Four different tiers are specific to the credit system, and each level offers a different set of benefits to the subscriber. The membership cost is between €8.90 to €39.90. The subscription fees are payable by the first of every month. Members have the option to cancel or switch their subscription to other tiers at any time; however, top tier subscription offers more benefits and savings to the members. People who take the top-tier subscription will receive an additional 30 credits every month for retaining the membership, including the 30% discount code on added credits to apply to shop.  Another benefit for the high tier subscribers is they get free shipment offers and can leave a month to skip charges for a particular period. Listens to the Buyers!

The clothing services purpose was to bring buyers affordable fashion wear and accessories to their door. However, the company took the idea of regular subscription and marketing to a new level with their innovative subscription boxes that let the subscriber pick and choose their fashion styles and enable the subscriber to customize their choice each month.  Since the subscribers are the one who handpicked and tailored their selections, Falinas deliver a fashion box that ensures that all your picks are in the package to your satisfaction.

Learn More about Falinas

The company is an online, monthly subscription option that operates from Denmark and gives people the opportunity to subscribe to personalized, stylish, and affordable fashion.  They offer all the latest fashion wears and have an affordable pricing strategy by having tier membership programs that allow the customers to subscribe as per their need and budget.

With apparel orders based on choices, significant reductions on prices for the newest fashions, and choices to buy additional credits as required, Falinas gives a comfortable, and pocket-friendly purchasing activity each month and for all the times till you keep your subscription intact. As a subscriber, the option to switch to different tier plans gives the buyer the options to upgrade the subscription at any time and to get more high-tier benefits and exclusive offers for premium members.

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