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It’s hard to believe that a woman whose life spanned nearly the entire 20th century and who loved and lost at the uppermost echelons of society could be credited with introducing something so seemingly mundane into the mainstream, but such is the legacy of the magnificent Gloria Vanderbilt, who died today in New York City at the age of 95.

If you look down (or perhaps check the items in your online shopping cart), odds are there is a pair of jeans to be found. According to Vanessa Friedman’s tribute in The New York Times fashion section, this is due in large part to the ingenuity of Gloria Vanderbilt, socialite, artist, author, and, yes, the first “celebrity” to lend her moniker to a pair of previously perfunctory work pants. Although she lacked formal design training, according to Friedman, Vanderbilt “was unsnobby enough, and smart enough, and had been in [Vogue] enough, to see the opportunity” in the denim industry, ushering in a sleek-yet-sturdy staple to the silhouette of women’s wardrobes in the 1970s, and even outselling powerhouses including Calvin Klein, Jordache, and Sasson by the end of the decade.

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