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Arielle Charnas is responding to backlash from Amanda Seyfried after the influencer posted a photo of her post-baby body. (Photo: Instagram/Getty Images)

07/10/2019 UPDATE: Amanda Seyfried is speaking out about the importance of social media personalities using their influence responsibly after Something Navy’s Arielle Charnas received backlash for perpetuating an unrealistic body image with a photo of her postpartum bikini body.

Seyfried posted a screenshot of a comment left on Charnas’s photo by her friend, Sophie Flack, in which Flack called Charnas out for not acknowledging her wealth and privilege that may have contributed to her “bounce back after childbirth.” The writer went on to say that Charnas is “glorifying an unhealthy body image,” regardless of whether it’s her natural build or not. Although Seyfried said the influencer has since blocked her and Flack, Seyfried writes, “we have to be open to the discussions surrounding what we’re promoting.”

Now, the “Mamma Mia!” actress is facing a number of critics who are calling her out for “bullying.”

“This seems like high school bullying.. leave the girl alone. If she wants to post a picture of her thin body that’s she is proud of, let her. This post screams jealously to me. Be kind, to everyone,” one person wrote.

“You are truly so far off the mark on this one. And so is your friend. It’s not her responsibility to thank everyone in her life who helps her in some way on every photo she posts. She’s been working out consistently and feeling herself and posted a photo. Why is she then responsible for how other women are feeling about it. If she were trying to sell a skinny tea in the photo then that would be a different story. But being confident in what she looks like shouldn’t be shit on by you or anyone else,” commented another.

Seyfried responded to many of the commenters with her rationale. “I’m sorry if this stinks of judgement [sic]. It’s not meant too [sic]. It’s all a discussion that needs to be had,” she responded to one follower.

Seyfried followed her post with another one where she made mention of the influencer “taking advantage” of her power. Flack also took to her own Instagram to post her version of a #postpartumbody picture where she mentioned the non-physical attributes that contribute to her self-worth.

Charnas has since responded with a message on her Instagram stories where she addressed the criticism but held firm, saying, “I definitely will not stop posting myself in my body.”

Charnas responded to the critique from Seyfried and Flack with a message on her Instagram stories. (Photo: Instagram)

The influencer’s mother, Carrie Nachmani, appeared to respond to the controversy with a photo of herself in a bikini.


Fashion influencer and designer behind the brand Something Navy is receiving backlash after posting a photo in praise of her postpartum body.

Arielle Charnas took to her Instagram on Tuesday to share a picture of herself in a bikini where she wrote, “Proud of my body after two kids.” And although she may have been sharing the sentiment to inspire other mothers to embrace their post-baby bodies, many are calling the 32-year-old out for coming off as “tone-deaf.”

“This is just terribly tone deaf and I thought you were better than this nonsense,” a person commented. “I’m also a size zero after two kids, but come on babe, this is genetics. Pls [sic] be proud but own your privilege.”

“Such an unnecessary post!” one added.

Another woman tried to express some understanding of Charnas’s intention but reminded the influencer to take her audience into consideration.

“Your followers are living in the real world, where most don’t have access to the foods you do, and certainly not the personal trainers that you do. Genetics plays a huge role as well, so this pic should come with a Disclaimer,” the follower wrote. “Pictures such as these (of a subnormal too thin small-framed small-boned woman, who is probably a slave to her body) are a danger to the real women other there who enjoy food, who aren’t as genetically ‘blessed’ and are at their healthy normal, meat on their bones, curvy best!”

Still, Charnas, who has documented her fitness journey after having both her 3 and 1-year-old daughters, received support from those who have followed her recovery after having a C-section with her youngest.

“You look amazing! Go girl! You’ve worked hard for it!” one person wrote, while another said, “Proud of your determination to get there.”

Many others also praised the mother-of-two, assuring that all moms should be proud of what their bodies can do.

“I love when moms are proud of their bodies,” a follower commented, “it’s not a small feat to grow a human being.”

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