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Many people create resolutions at the start of the New Year in the hope to improve their health and other aspects of their life. Unfortunately, when the first month of the year ends, these individuals typically revert to their old lifestyles. This says a lot about the effort that goes into taking care of one’s self.

Lifestyle and health apps can help with managing things like doctor’s appointments, medications and workout schedules among others. Here are some of the best healthy lifestyle apps to start using this 2019:

1. Simple Symptom Tracker

This is a free application that has in-app purchases. It approaches a comprehensive method of tracking a person’s emotions, sleep and food intake. Here, one can also note any symptom with just a few taps. This is also to prepare the self for the next doctor appointment. Overall, the application has received a four and a half stars.

2. Medication Guide

With an Android and iPhone version, this app can immediately look up any drug information in a beat. It can identify the names of pills, check interactions and maintain the medication records of the person. The application itself comes fully equipped with A to Z listings alongside a quick search feature to make it easy for the user to type the inquiry. When bought, it comes with a free discount that can help one save up to 80 percent on pharmacy prescriptions.

3. My Diet Coach: Weight Loss

Another application that has garnered almost five stars, My Diet Coach encourages the person to stay healthy by making specific lifestyle changes. Here, one can set a goal, and the application can give ways on how to achieve such. It comes with features like a panic button for food cravings , inspiring health advices, and other reminders.

4. Lumosity: Daily Brain Games

This is also a free application that includes in-app purchases. One can keep the brain sharp with Lumosity by participating in quick games and other training programs. Designed to build a habit of obtaining knowledge and learning, the application will undoubtedly play a part in terms of improving one’s critical thinking, memory and overall problem-solving skills.

Apps Being popular on Facebook could be a marker of good social and physical health, new research finds. Pixabay, Public Domain

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