Mollie Hemingway accuses NYT of hiding facts and using ‘gossip’ to smear Kavanaugh – Fox News

Following a New York Times story charging Associate Justice Brett Kavanaugh with further sexual misconduct, senior editor at the Federalist Mollie Hemingway accused the paper of hiding facts and relying on gossip to mislead the American public.

“I recently wrote a book on the Kavanaugh confirmation… we interviewed more than 100 people. We got all of our facts right,” she told “Fox & Friends” Tuesday. “We didn’t traffic in gossip. And we told the accurate story of what happened. So I know it can be done. And there’s no excuse for how they did this.”

The authors of the New York Times piece, Robin Pogrebin, and Kate Kelly, claimed key details from the story were removed by editors after the paper was forced to walk back the allegations late Sunday. The original story, based on the book “The Education of Brett Kavanaugh: An Investigation,” accused him of exposing himself to a young woman at a party, while he was a student at Yale.

“I knew that they had left out the most important piece of information and they should’ve included it in their story,” Hemingway told Fox News. “There’s no defense for not including the fact that their supposed allegation against Kavanaugh was based on a false premise. The woman involved said she had no recollection of it.”

She claimed it was fair to criticize the paper’s editors, but said the reporters bear most of the blame, having perpetrated the lie during a Monday interview on NPR.

“I do agree that the editors are also responsible. It shouldn’t just be the reporters.But, really, the entire institution is to blame,” Hemingway said. “Having said that, in an NPR interview that aired yesterday, these reporters did the exact same thing. They made it sound like they had a credible story about a woman and they hid the fact that the woman denied it ever happened.”

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“You cannot blame that on editors,” she continued. “It’s an hour-long interview — plenty of time to discuss it.”


Hemingway also called on the public to stand up against the media’s “smear campaign” against Kavanaugh and said the public wants to know when the issue will finally be laid to rest.

“The media keep being allowed to continue in this smear campaign. I think decent people, regardless of their politics, are just looking at this and saying ‘Is there no end to this? When will they stop?'” she added.

Fox News’ Joseph Wulfsohn contributed to this report

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