Forces of Fashion 2019: The Best Behind-the-Scenes Moments – Vogue

From film to music to—of course—fashion, the lineup at the third annual Forces of Fashion features heavyweights from various creative industries. For the next two days, the audience at Manhattan’s Spring Studios will hear from Kaia Gerber, Julianne Moore, Donatella Versace, Cardi B, and more. Their conversations—ranging from modeling in the age of Instagram and how to make socially-consciousness clothes—will be streamed, recorded, and Instagrammed to the masses but photographer Corey Tenold is on hand to photograph those lesser-seen, behind-the-scenes moments. Tenold, camera in tow, is documenting speakers, Vogue editors, and fashionable guests throughout the conference. Continue to check back for more photos as Forces of Fashion unfolds.

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