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It’s OK to change your mind, even if you’ve already made big promises and plans.

nate and blair gossip girl

Blair and Nate realized they weren’t meant to be.
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During “Gossip Girl’s” six-season run, viewers see a lot of characters realize that they don’t want the person or thing they believed they once thought they did, especially when it comes to romantic relationships.

Such is the case with Nate and Blair, who once thought they’d get married only to entirely change their minds. 

Scott said that although there is something to be said for patience and waiting for the right timing, it’s up to the individual to assess whether it’s worth waiting someone out to see if you’re on the same page in the future. 

“It can be really painful to wait around for something or someone while you are passing up other opportunities to be happy and fulfilled,” she told Insider. “Sometimes we get hung up on one person, which causes a lot of frustration and suffering. Be patient, but be realistic.”

And, in general, it’s OK to change your mind, especially if you realize what you want now isn’t what you wanted before. 

In the example of Blair and Nate, the two realized that even though they once promised each other big things, they were no longer on the same page.

They were able to stay friends and find happiness with other people, reminding viewers that it’s OK to change your plans, especially if you and your partner no longer share the same goals. 

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