Roman Kemp first to leave I’m A Celebrity 2019 as new evidence reveals huge downfall? – Express

I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here! is almost halfway through the 2019 series and this week one celebrity campmate is going to be leaving the Australian outback for a couple of weeks of luxury in the Versace hotel. According to new data exclusively given to from Zazzle Media, Roman Kemp could find himself booted out of the competition first. 

Before entering the Jungle, Roman revealed his fears, he said: “I am not scared of the eating trials because I grew up with Dad’s cooking! I think the eating ones I will hate but I will do them. The show is iconic and you want to do everything.” 

Since swapping reality for weeks of rice and beans and endless critters, the Capital FM Breakfast host has joined 11 other celebrities to compete for the crown. 

Since appearing on the show, Roman has only taken part in one Bushtucker Trial and therefore, viewers haven’t really seen a lot of him. 

But there are several other reasons why he might be booted out of the show first, apart from the lack of airtime. 

A spokesperson from Zazzle Media has explained how Roman “isn’t far behind” Kate Garraway when it comes to being eliminated. 

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Research conducted by the agency has found the TV presenter “is being held back from landing a top spot in the series because of many factors, but mostly his career”. 

“As a TV Presenter has never won the series, he’s unlikely to find a spot in the final, and although his hair colour and gender puts him in a good spot, it’s only just a spot ahead of Kate. 

“Roman is unfortunately far too young for the average winning male, which is 41 years old, as he is aged 26, therefore it’s unlikely Roman is going to end up in the top three.” 

It comes after many viewers have noticed how little Roman is seen during the hour long or hour and a half long episodes aired each evening. 

All of them were cursed and they were back on basic rations of rice and beans. 

Between them, they would face a series of reckonings, and the trials and challenges would give everyone the opportunity to free themselves from the curse and to win food. 

Nadine Coyle, Ian Wright, Jacqueline Jossa and Roman will take part in Sinister Circus and a sneak peak at the trial shows the four of them trapped in clear boxes that fill with water. 

Unlocking the padlocks, they had to swim up and down to read the codes, but who will be able to win the most stars for camp? 

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