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Caitlyn Jenner posing for a party by the Hollywood Reporter

Caitlyn Jenner is the gossip queen honey. The former step dad to the Kardashian girls and father of the Jenner girls has not been able to keep her lips zipped. Jenner who transition from male to female in 2015 was never scared to tell it like it is. In fact, Jenner regularly told the girls and former wife Kris Jenner what was what, on a regular basis. This was often seen on the reality show Keeping Up With The Kardashians. On one episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashian’s titled “Birthday Suit” back in 2007, Jenner expressed his concern over “Kimberley posing for Playboy”.


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Jenner was one of the only family members to be concerned about how this would affect her image moving forward. So, it is no different now that she is out here in these streets speaking supposed facts. Jenner has recently come home from being on the popular British reality show I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here. The show follows celebs as they are living together in a survivalist format. They perform tasks and compete in competitions where they can win prizes to help them survive longer in this jungle format.

During his time on the show, she revealed a few secrets about the Kardashians. Some of them even made headlines. Jenner made claims that she and Khloe have not spoken in 5 or 6 years. We all saw how rocky their relationship was when Jenner first announced her transition. Khloe felt betrayed in a way but if it’s true that these two, who had the closest relationship of all the Kardashian children are not on speaking terms then that’s heartbreaking. She also revealed the insane amount of money that Kylie Jenner spends on security a month. A staggering $400,000.

O.J. Simpson walking through a crowd of media personnel.

Jenner did not stop there. Just before getting the boot from the show she admitted that she never liked O.J. Simpson. In addition, she insinuates that the girls were a bit disillusioned when it came to uncle O.J. and the murder trial. “It was a bad time for everybody, very difficult. This trial was a joke, and when the verdict came down, Kris just turned around to me and goes, ‘We should have listened to Nicole from the beginning. She was right.’” She expressed that Kourtney and the girls felt completely different.

Kim and Kourtney Kardashian posing at an event

“The night the verdict came in, Kourtney and Kimberly…obviously, they loved their father, and they should, and they’d been following this for a year and a half. When they walked in the door, I think it was Kourtney who said: ‘Well, I told you he didn’t do it.’” This was obviously a private moment for the family and well, it seems like now that Jenner is on her own path, she isn’t afraid to let it all out. One thing is for sure, we can’t wait to see what tidbit of information she drops next. The Kardashian/Jenner’s are a pretty tight-knit group but it seems like Caitlyn may be going rogue.

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