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CHRIS HARRISON WILL HOST UPCOMING BACHELOR SPINOFF: The Bachelor: Listen to Your Heart officially has a host: Chris Harrison. “We got a new mansion, new drama, but it’s still always about love,” Harrison said of the show. The Bachelor: Listen To Your Heart will have 20 single men and women sing songs and live together as they go on Bachelor-style music-focused dates. The Bachelor: Listen to Your Heart premieres April 13 on ABC. Will you tune in?

HOW JAMES CROMWELL AVOIDED BEING A TARGET IN PRISON: The 79-year-old James Cromwell has ended up behind bars on multiple occasions, thanks to his activism on animal rights and the environment. He told Page Six that he avoided trouble via his celebrity status, as officials knew that many make their bones in prison is to rape or beat up some guy. What better guy to beat or rape than a movie star?”

90 DAY FIANCE COUPLE MARRIED BY EX: Juliana and Michael made it official on Sunday’s 90 Day Fiance … and they were married by Michael’s ex-wife Sarah, whom Juliana has bonded with. Before making it official, Sarah noted how much she appreciated Juliana’s commitment to her and Michael’s kids, Max and CeCe.

411 ON COLIN JOST’s MEMOIR: Saturday Night Live co-head writer and Scarlett Johansson fiance Colin Jost has written a book about his life that will hit shelves on April 14th. The book is titled A Very Punchable Face. Here’s how it’s described on Amazon: “You’ll also discover things about Jost that will surprise and confuse you, like how Jimmy Buffett saved his life, how Czech teenagers attacked him with potato salad, how an insect laid eggs inside his legs, and how he competed in a twenty-five-man match at WrestleMania (and almost won). You’ll go behind the scenes at SNL (where he’s written some of the most memorable sketches and characters of the past fifteen years) and Weekend Update. And you’ll experience the life of a touring stand-up comedian — from performing in rural college cafeterias at noon to opening for Dave Chappelle at Radio City Music Hall.

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