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Perhaps one of the most successful shows to air on the CW, Gossip Girl had fans turning in each week to root for their favorites as they schemed, lied, and manipulated one another. The characters often did despicable things to their friends and enemies alike, but they weren’t without their virtues.

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While we may not know what year each character was born in, many of their personality traits align with those associated with the Chinese Zodiac signs. Read on to find out which character on Gossip Girl best matches your Chinese Zodiac sign.

12 Rat: Blair Waldorf

gossip girl blair

The Queen B kept her throne by relying on her competitive nature to take out any and all competition. Blair’s selfish and shrewd nature, traits common in those born in the year of the rat, made her the best schemer on the Upper East Side.

Not all of Blair’s qualities stem from her greed and ambition. She also is incredibly devoted to the people she loves, and will do anything for them. Blair is also a rat because of her impeccable taste, even managing to make headbands cool again.

11 Ox: Eric Van der Woodsen

If you are an ox, you’re most like Serena’s younger brother, Eric Van der Woodsen. He was rarely found at the center of a scheme and typically kept a low profile with one of his boyfriends, acting as more of a spectator than an instigator.

Ox’s are known for being introverted and reliable. Though they may not be the most social sign, their steady nature makes them great people to be friends with. Eric is always there for Serena and everyone he loves, no matter how many times they make mistakes. Only the person with the most constant nature could’ve stayed friends with Jenny for as long as Eric did.

10 Tiger: Chuck Bass

Tigers are confident, determined, flirtatious, and prone to mood swings. Sound like anyone? Chuck Bass’ extreme qualities align almost perfectly with that of the tiger sign. His ambition and tenacity always lead his decision-making. It doesn’t get more tiger than replying to questions with “I’m Chuck Bass.”

9 Rabbit: Rufus Humphrey

If your Chinese Zodiac sign is a rabbit, then chances are you’re a lot like Rufus Humphrey. Family-oriented, kind, and always willing to lend a helping hand, Rufus is definitely a rabbit (and one of the nicest people on the show).

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Rabbits would often rather be at home, spending time with their loved ones, than out partying or socializing. Rabbits and Dragons can be compatible, despite their very different personalities, but their relationships can require a lot of work. Maybe this is why things didn’t work out between Rufus and Lily.

8 Dragon: Lily Van der Woodsen

Dragons, a symbol of power in Chinese culture, have many admirable qualities. Like a dragon, Lily Van der Woodsen does not relinquish her power easily once she has attained it. In fact, there are many instances where Lily’s actions were ruthless, making her come across as self-centered and cruel.

Dragons are thought to attract many lovers. Lily was married more than anyone on the show, with five marriages by the end of the series. Many are attracted to a dragon’s power, but it can also be too much for some.

7 Snake: Georgina Sparks

Georgina Sparks exemplifies the snake sign’s characteristics in many ways. Although she is one of the main villains on the show, many of Georgina’s snake-like traits are not necessarily negative.

Snakes are known for being charming, cunning, impulsive, intelligent, and mysterious. Georgina has all of these qualities, and uses them well to her advantage, being the only character on the show whose scheming abilities and powers of deception rival Blair’s.

6 Horse: Serena Van der Woodsen

If your sign is a horse, you’re most like the iconic Serena Van der Woodsen. Horses are extroverts, free-spirits, and care deeply about people they share connections with. Serena’s globe-trotting socialite lifestyle and serial dating perfectly exemplify these traits.

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Although horses can be quite loving and popular, their free-wheeling spirit can also make them seem unreliable. Serena’s unpredictability and inability to settle down for so long is an example of this horse sign trait.

5 Goat: Dan Humphrey

Goat signs definitely share the most with Lonely Boy. Highly anxious, creative, intelligent, and sometimes insecure, Dan’s goat-like qualities both win and cost him many opportunities, both professionally and in relationships. Goats are often considered loners, which is pretty much Dan’s thing for the majority of the show, even after he starts hanging out with the rich kids from the Upper East Side.

4 Monkey: Carter Baizen

Monkey signs are typically the kind of people you call when you’re looking for a good time. Whether they’re looking for parties, sex, or their absentee father, the other characters on the show look for Carter when they want to let loose. His non-committal, undisciplined, and self-centered ways make him the ultimate monkey sign.

3 Rooster: Dorota

Attentive, caring, straightforward, and trustworthy, rooster signs have the most in common with the unsung MVP of the series, the one, and only Dorota. She was always loyal to Blair and never got involved in any drama. She often encouraged Blair to face up to things and make more responsible choices.

2 Dog: Vanessa Abrams

Dog signs share the most with Vanessa Abrams. Vanessa always showed herself to be loyal and trustworthy but was slow to trust those around her.

Her tendency to be a bit too judgmental often got in the way of her making any lasting friendships outside of Dan and Jenny, and ultimately her inability to trust even Dan ended their relationship as well. Like most dog signs, Vanessa is often very emotional and quick to jump to conclusions, which hurt a lot of her relationships.

1 Pig: Nate Archibald

Perhaps the least complicated of the signs, pigs share the most with Nate Archibald. Kind, supportive, and not as status-obsessed as the rest of his peers, Nate was the least pretentious character on the show. The fact that Nate never sent in a tip to Gossip Girl and was always a good friend solidifies his similarity to people who fall under the pig sign.

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