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  • Increasing LGBTQ visibility in recent years means that more accessible queer films are being made.
  • However, it’s important to acknowledge that LGBTQ movies have always existed (even in times of censorship) and are important parts of queer history.
  • Insider compiled some of the LGBTQ films that are from 1990 or earlier that everyone should watch.
  • Recommendations range from “Michael” to “Paris Is Burning.”
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Thanks to increasing LGBTQ visibility, queer films are being made mainstream — often with queer writers, actors, and directors at their helms.

However, while many of these contemporary gay movies are essential and continue to capture more and more elements of queer life, it’s also important to acknowledge that LGBTQ movies have always existed (even during periods of censorship) and are vital parts of the community’s history.

Insider has compiled a list of several must-watch queer films from 1990 or earlier, from the silent film “Michael” to the breakout New York City-set documentary “Paris Is Burning.”

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