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Life coaching for performers

Katie Gall, actress, singer and voice teacher, is also owner of “Keeping It Real With Katie Gall,” which provides holistic health and life coaching for performers (Info at www.keepingitrealkatie.com).

“I got certification as an integrative nutrition health coach in 2012 and only more recently started really honing in on performers, because that is my unique experience,” Gall says. “I understand what the lifestyle is and the unique challenges they face.”

Lots of health systems are found online, “but a lot is tragically wrong or not for everyone.” They also tend to address people who work traditional jobs, not individuals who cobble careers that serve their performing, or hold 9 to 5 jobs, topped off by four or five nights of rehearsal, or even seven during week of tech.

“A lot of the things I work on is learning to manage the two different worlds, and … make healthier choice,” she says. “My goal for performers is for them to be on stage more confidently and feel better in their bodies on stage.”

Gall plans on launching “Authentic Artists” in July, “a yearlong program to gain extreme accountability and upgrade your health … so you’re fully energized, at the day job and (theater).”

“Authentic Artist” is currently beta testing. During this stage, Gall is offering “very discounted prices” for a few limited spots (contact [email protected]).

That’s all in addition to the private voice lessons offered at her home in Dover and at Rochester Performance and Arts Center (RPAC).

Gall continues to perform as well. She’s currentLY on stage in “Full Monty” at the Rochester Opera House through Feb. 1 ( http://www.rochesteroperahouse.com).

She’s also scheduled to perform in a concert version of “Closer Than Ever,” organized by musician and music director Kathy Fink at RPAC in March, date TBA (http://www.rochesteroperahouse.com/rpac.html).

Sredzienski to plunge for Ukulele Kids Club

Gary “Creekman” Sredzienski spontaneously (and publicly) signed up for yet another frigid swim on behalf of a non-profit.

Shredzienski swam for The Southern New Hampshire Ukulele Group’s Ukulele Kids Club a few years back. The organization supplies ukeleles to hospitalized children.

He’s scheduled to emcee its 8th Annual SNHUG Groundhog Day Luau on Feb. 1 to benefit the Ukelele Kids Club. So, that’s how Sredzienski ended up on IHeart Radio, Jan. 9, along with Organizer June Pinkham to talk about the upcoming event.

“So, we were getting interviewed … and I heard June say something about ticket sales were totally down. So, I said why don’t I take off from the Polka Party (WUNH radio show) to swim an icy river to boost donations,” he says. “It might help, and I’m happy to do it.”

Pinkham took him at his word and announced those donating to the swim would get into the show.

“I like the cause. … I like that they make music accessible to so many people.”

“I get depressed when I get a cold and am stuck in bed for a day. I can’t imagine being in bed for a month or so,” he says. “This gives them something to help take their mind off things. It’s a beautiful thing; spiritual medicine.”

Sredzienski jumps in the creek at the IHeart Radio studios at 8 a.m., and swims to the Governor Wentworth Mansion to be “greeted by ukesters.”

The musician, whose Polka Party is now 33 years old, is pondering new career avenues these days. His original compositions are regularly placed in film and TV. and he still performs regularly at clubs, functions, nursing homes, etc. But he’s setting his sights on theater. The potential project is still in its infant stages.

“I have close to 100 tunes,” he says. “What I want to do is a theater show with narration, and with a screen of scenery in the back. … I just want to do something new, … and it would be colorful.”

Drag Haus Gone Wild Feb. 11

The Wilder has teamed up with Seacoast Rep for “Drag Haus Gone Wild: A Red Light Fundraising Event at the Wilder.” The Wilder is a Rep sponsor. But this is the first time the two have teamed up and moved the action to the Fleet St. restaurant.

The Feb. 11 event will include all the top Drag Haus performers, and guests including: Honey Punch, Question Marc, Amber Alyrt, Lady Ro, Veronica T and others.

“The Wilder is sponsoring ‘Priscilla Queen of the Desert’ so we thought this would be an appropriate fit,” Executive Director Kathleen Cavalaro says. “This is the first one and for now its a one-off fundraising event but who knows! If its a success, maybe well try it again.”

Tattoo artist to have first solo exhibit

Jamie “Tank” Smith, best known as a tattoo artist at Jim’s Tattoo in Seabrook, will have his first solo exhibit at Wrong Brain HQ Gallery in February, with an opening reception on Feb 7.

A tattoo artist for two decades, Smith his been painting for about 15 years.

“This is the first time I’ve done anything like this on my own. I’ll be showing 40 to 50 pieces,” Smith says.”When it comes to tattooing, I don’t have the same ability to express myself that I can in paint. That’s why I paint the way I do, because it’s completely different than tattoo.”

Smith’s exhibit demonstrates Wrong Brain’s love for hosting “virgin exhibitors,” Wrong Brain Founder and Director Sam Paolini says. Guiding and promoting emerging artists is WB’s core mission.

“Jamie was especially interesting to us because he’s got two decades of professional tattooing and remarkable art on his resume, but has never shown original artwork in a non-tattoo setting,” Paolini says. “Also, this collection of paintings is so drastically different than his art on skin in terms of application, color and style, while still retaining some of the most recognizable tattoo symbols and themes.”

Avalon North to launch library, gallery

Avalon North, a women’s club, will formally launch its Avalon Library and Reading Room and its Avalon North Gallery on Feb. 7.

The gallery’s inaugural show is “Recurring Places of Comfort” featuring the work of Jillian Benham.

Benham’s love for fashion and portrait photography began in 2015 with an eye on shooting for Vogue Magazine. She’d still do it if the opportunity presented, she says. But her focus is more the subject now, rather than fashion.

“I became fascinated with being able to give the viewer a piece of the person’s energy,” Benham says, “So I started shooting people I knew who weren’t necessarily models … hard-working people I know with a creative spark.”

Benham will also exhibit original poetry alongside the show’s 15 to 20 photographs.

“I’ve gone through an incredibly transitional time in my life this fall and winter and it’s reflecting in some deeply honest poetry,” she says. “… This is my first body of work that is deeply about me and not others. There could be a couple self portraits mixed in, but I work best under pressure and haven’t decided yet.”

As for the library, it’s well stocked and “so magical, like a Harry Potter library,” Founding Director Jocelyn Toffic says. “The library is kind of like our sanctuary within the sanctuary, a place to relax or work quietly.”

The collection’s main points of interest are art history, mythology, fairy tales, feminist theory, woman’s study, woman’s history, dreams and mysticism.

“It’s very magical dark and magical,” Toffic says.

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