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Gossip Girl and Harry Potter might have been set worlds apart, but they both explore the lives of young adults finding their way from school into the real world. The Harry Potter series, which first premiered in 2001, exhibits the trials and adventures of three best friends as they work their way through wizarding school, while Gossip Girl displays the lives of a group of elite New Yorkers who attend private schools, shop at designer stores and throw or attend sensational parties every week.

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Even though the characters from Harry Potter and Gossip Girl choose distinct paths and have different goals, one can easily map similarities between certain characters on the TV show and the movie series. Scroll below to discover which Harry Potter characters would make ideal counterparts to the stars in Gossip Girl.

10 Dan Humphrey – Harry Potter

Dan Humphrey, one of the lead characters of Gossip Girl has a very similar introduction to Harry’s character. Dan feels like an outsider attending an elite private school in Manhattan, while Harry feels like an outsider going to Hogwarts. Both characters are raised differently than their classmates, and struggle with their new environment.

Similarly, just like Dan, Harry is the hero of the series. He is the fundamental good guy, the character who always chooses the right path, and is never afraid to fight for what he believes in.

9 Nate Archibald – Ron Weasley

Nate Archibald is introduced as a rich boy, belonging to a well-known family. However, as the show progresses, Nate’s family loses quite a bit of their wealth and struggle to make ends meet. Ron Weasley, too, belongs to a well-known pureblood family in the magical realm of Harry Potter, but similarly to Nate, his family constantly struggles with their financial situation. Both characters share similar personality traits as well. They are both loyal, brave, sensitive, and beyond caring towards their family and friends.

8 Serena Van Der Woodsen – Neville Longbottom

Even though Serena van der Woodsen is the heroine of Gossip Girl, and Neville Longbottom is a side character in Harry Potter, they both share many similar traits.

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Both Serena and Neville are never afraid to fight or speak their mind when it comes to their family or friends. Furthermore, both characters always have the best intentions, but often come across as bad or weird due to simple carelessness or lack of maturity and vigilance.

7 Blair Waldorf – Hermione Granger

Unlike Hermione, Blair is the antiheroine in the series, however, she shares a lot of similarities with Hermione’s character. Both Blair and Hermione are incredibly intelligent, excel at school, and share high aspirations.

Both characters are also known to be independent and incredibly strong in their views. They never shy away from speaking their mind, or getting their voices heard. They aren’t afraid of being blunt and often choose logic over emotions.

6 Chuck Bass – Draco Malfoy

Chuck Bass and Draco Malfoy are the perfect counterparts. Both characters start off as villains and are driven by their selfish desires, but in the end, return to the good side.

Perhaps the biggest parallel between the two characters derives from their fathers’ influence on their personalities. Both, Chuck and Draco have high achieving and highly accomplished fathers, who pressurize their sons to reach the same level of power and greatness. This leads to a level of insecurity in both characters, that influences them to take the wrong steps in order to prove themselves.

5 Lily Van Der Woodsen – Narcissa Malfoy

Narcissa Malfoy and Lily Van Der Woodsen are basically the same person in two different universes. Both women take immense pride in their wealth, and believe in the importance of high status. Lily’s actions are driven by her obsession with always appearing to be the perfect New York socialite, while Narcissa’s personality is influenced by her strong dislike of muggle-borns and her obsession with pure-blood families. Both women at times choose their elite status over the wellbeing and emotions of their own children, but in the end, return to the good side.

4 Dorota – Mrs. Weasley

There are many parental characters in Gossip Girl. However, Dorota is perhaps the only character who takes on the attributes of the traditional maternal role. Her personality is very similar to Mrs. Weasley’s in Harry Potter.

Dorota cares deeply for Blaire because her own parents are often missing from the scene and never seem to care about what’s happening in her life, while Mrs. Weasley takes care of Harry and even Hermione to a certain extent. Mrs. Weasley is the closest thing to a mother figure for Harry, just as Dorota is to Blaire. Both women are caring, compassionate, sympathetic, and warm.

3 Georgina Sparks – Bellatrix Lestrange

Anytime Georgina Sparks or Bellatrix Lestrange makes an appearance on screen, the audience automatically knows that something incredibly bad is about to go down.

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Georgina and Bellatrix are perhaps the most dangerous villains in Gossip Girl and Harry Potter. They are both selfish, lack empathy, and almost share a sadistic personality. Each time they make an appearance, they bring with themselves a sea of chaos and malice, and thoroughly enjoy turning everyone else’s life into a nightmare.

2 Rufus Humphrey – Arthur Weasley

While both Gossip Girl and Harry Potter lack an adequate number of strong father figures, both Rufus Humphrey and Arthur Weasley are the quintessential dads to their respective children.

Not only are they incredibly supportive fathers to their kids, they are both also genuinely good people, are known to be honest, responsible, and trustworthy. Even though both men struggle to make ends meet, they constantly strive to give their respective families a better life.

1 Vanessa Abrams – Luna Lovegood

Vanessa Abrams from Gossip Girl shares many similarities to Luna’s character from Harry Potter. Both characters are often lonely and appear quirky to their friends, but are extremely passionate about the arts.

Furthermore, both characters also share a strong sense of care and compassion for the needy and the minorities around them. Vanessa is often seen participating in social and political activism, while Luna never shies away from fighting for what’s right, regardless of the consequences.

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