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From the pilot in 2007 to the last episode in 2012, Gossip Girl graced the screens of viewers around the world and had the ability to draw the audience into their screens each week to find out what the Upper East Side was up to. As fans know, the on-going mystery around Gossip Girl’s account and what their ultimate plan was for the young and rich was very real. Serena, Blair and all of their friends were only in high school, but their secrets and drama-filled lives were interesting and very far-fetched from the normal lives of middle-America; so now that we know Dan Humphrey A.K.A. Lonely Boy, the official outsider of the privileged group of friends is *THE* Gossip Girl, it makes sense.

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Taking a look back at all of the bread crumbs along the way, viewers completely missed these tell-tale signs that he was the mastermind behind the takedown of friendships and wreaking havoc on the rich and infamous. It’s safe to say that Dan got a pretty epic ending, while some of his co-stars did not.

10 The Pilot: Besides Serena, Dan Is Also At Grand Central Station When Gossip Girl Arrives

It all starts with the pilot episode when Serena is coming back from boarding school and is “spotted”. A huge clue is given out then and there and is an introduction to the titular blogger. It’s a bit suspicious that Dan is the only other main character at Grand Central station, at the exact time we first hear from Gossip Girl.

We were made to think that it was the first time Dan spots his major crush throughout the series, but it’s known more as a major clue, rather than a major scene.

9 When The Gossip Girl Website Is Revealed, A Shot Goes To Dan…On His Computer

When viewers of the TV show are first shown the pairing of Gossip Girl to the website, fans were given a deeper look into how serious this blogger was. This was also the point where the anonymous blogger was told that their identity was to remain a secret, but then Dan shows up.

The shot literally turns to Dan in his apartment…on his computer. A little coincidental, right? Afraid not, since it was such a shocker when he was the one who turned out to be everyone’s nemesis.

8 Dan Seems To Show Up Everywhere The Main Characters Are, But Is Passed Off As A Stalker


Before viewers knew that Dan was Gossip Girl, it was made to look like his character was developing into the small circle of elite students because he was now attending the same school as them, but now, it makes sense.

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It was shocking that Nate Archibald and Chuck Bass were even on public transportation, but was pretty normal as Dan lived in Brooklyn. The way Dan hovers and lingers is a true clue to how he got the gossip early on.

7 In Season 3, Dan Takes Serena’s Phone & Doesn’t Give It Back Until The Next Day

It was always so back and forth with Dan and Serena and like every other couple on the show. When they get into one of several fights, Dan took Serena’s phone and keeps it overnight.

Before there were passcodes and touch ID’s, it was more easy to gain access to a phone, which Dan did. The amount of contacts and personal information on Serena’s phone was probably a gold mine to start digging on peoples’ personal lives.

6 When Everyone Was Talking About Gossip Girl, Dan Was Avoiding It

gossip girl nate and dan

Once the cat was out of the theoretical bag, anyone and everyone was buzzing about this mystery person and how they had so much information.

All of Dan’s friends and acquaintances were bringing it up, but somehow Dan managed to keep a straight face and claimed he never read the blog. He also didn’t seem to want to talk about it, which makes it seem like he’s dodging the whole topic in general.

5 If Dan Was Such An Outsider, There Wouldn’t Be A Reason To Include Him In The Narrative

gossip girl blair dan

One of the most obvious clues to suspect Dan all along is because he was included in the take-down. Sure Blair and Serena got spotlighted a lot, but to nickname Dan and give him a reason for being recognized is huge.

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Gossip Girl honed in on the rich and elite, so if it wasn’t Dan, why would he even be included? Because he didn’t want to be looked at as the outsider anymore. That should give anyone a motive to start a blog about ruining people’s lives, right?

4 Dan Constantly Had To Remind People Who He Was, So Being Someone That Everyone Knew Would Be Perfect

Dan didn’t grow up with the filthy rich students that surround him, so it would make sense that it would take a while for his classmates to know who he was…to a point. Dan was the ultimate wallflower and consistently had to remind people of who he was and why he was around.

That would drive anyone crazy not being memorable, so how obvious is it that he decided to make himself known in another way? He can’t be remembered in person, so why not make someone or something more memorable?

3 He Tends To Show Up At Just The Right Moment For A New Blog Post

Being that Dan wasn’t exactly well-liked at first, it would seem that he would be spending his time in his Brooklyn apartment, reading books rather than creeping around VIP parties and such, but that wasn’t the case.

As Dan became acquainted with his new classmates, he got the low-down on what parties were happening and embedded himself into the drama and happenings of the world around him. With that type of information and visibility, it was the perfect situations for him to gather content and upload it later once he was home.

2 Some Specific Events Throughout The Series Could Only Be Reported By The Few People There, Dan Being Included

gossip girl dan and blair

There are a lot of instances where deceit and secrets were swirling around Serena and her crew, but sometimes, there were intimate moments that only a few people would know about…or so we thought.

For example, in one particular episode, Jenny is caught in a compromising situation with Chuck and Serena gets wind of it and saves the day. This was a heroic moment for Serena, but if there were only a few people that witnessed the situation, it’s clear that Dan had personally experienced it.

1 While His Dad Is Hanging Up Posters In An Episode, He Mentions Saving A Tree And Starting A Blog

Dan and Jenny might’ve lived in Brooklyn, but on a scale from one to ten, their dad, Rufus, was a pretty cool Dad. He might’ve tried to soak every ounce of his once-famous music career, but he was likable. There was no shortage of ousting Dan’s family members, but sometimes, it seemed so clear that Dan was living a double life.

In the moment above, Dan all but dangles the fact that he, himself has a blog of his own when he tries to cover up the statement by caring about the environment. Maybe Rufus was just a clueless parent, not knowing what his son was up to.

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